Yoga Etiquette

June 10, 2018


My lovely people, these are some points that I wanted to share with you speaking of “Yoga Etiquette” so we can all enjoy and benefit best from our practices:


  • KEEP IT DOWN - chatting in a class is not respectful to your colleagues and teacher. The Yoga space is considered meditative and thus you want to maintain the atmosphere, even if you need to move, please do that quietly in a mindful way.

  • MOBILES ARE A NO NO - we all need a break from technology a certain time of the day, so having ur phone next to you stops you from diving into that meditative state and enjoying your practice. It also disturbs others. Pictures are to be taken post the class if you would like. Ideally leave your phone in the locker, if you dont have one and you must bring it to class, please turn it into silent and out of sight. 

  • TRAVEL LIGHT - No need to bring a pile of personal belongings to class, be mindful of your and others’s space. Not only they make the room crowded, but smelly too.

  • BE ON TIME - Its essential to arrive on time so you do not miss out the warm-up and that is crucial for any exercise not just yoga. Speaking of your practice, please consider arriving few minutes earlier, to set up the mat, bring your towel, hit the bathroom and do all the things you need to do before starting. That is also the time when we prepare the mind and body for the practice to flow in harmony.

  • PERSONAL HYGIENE - it’s important for the health of your skin to sweat on clean clothes, so if you are attending more than one class please make sure to have an extra piece for change. 

  • Make sure to bring a towel, no one likes to walk in others’ sweat, and you do not want to disturb your flow walking in/out for tissues. 

  • NO SHOES/SOCKS ZONE - please make sure to take both off outside the studio and never bring them in and of course never step with them on your mat and without saying on anyone else’s mat (even in bare feet) 

  • STAY FOR SAVASANA - we all enjoy that sweet meditative savasana at the end, its not a rest, but rather a time for reflection and sinking in. Sometimes we can not avoid the need to rush out; if that is the case please make sure to have enough time to pack and your stuff and leave quietly before starting savasana. Leaving in meditation interrupts the class and the rest of the students. Make sure to flag this to your teacher at the beginning of the class.


Last but not least, always reach out to your teacher post/prior class for any questions/concerns/feedback. The teacher is there to help you get the best out of each practice.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Much love 💙🙏


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