January 11, 2018

I apologize for being too talkative, I apologize for not listening well, I apologize for being insensitive and too direct, judgmental, gossipy and unsupportive. I apologize for being too hard or harsh, too aggressive or too passive, too indecisive and too selfish, too shallow or too philosophical. I apologize for wanting to find solutions to your problems and not just listening. I apologize for being too optimistic or too pessimistic.


I apologize for being jealous and over protective. I apologize for being a "know it all", too fluffy or a "show off". I apologize for pushing when it wasn't needed or giving too much space. I apologize for not being thankful. I apologize for being too spiritual and better. I apologize for my over-sensitivity and over reactiveness. I apologize for dressing differently, for being too extravagant or too simple. I apologize for interrupting, for nagging, for my rudeness, not showing up fully and always having the last word.


My grandmother once taught me, before you point out that index finger at someone, look at the 3 fingers pointing back at you.


Thank you for making me aware to reflect once, twice and three times over and work on myself; to polish my heart and to keep gaining more clarity and compassion that we are all fighting our battles, are with fault and the only complete perfection is Allah.


I am thankful for reminders that keep polishing. May I keep being reminded and do the work diligently till my last exhale.




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