Morning Glory

January 28, 2017

 Stillness. Darkness. Stumbling out of bed. Wrinkled like a raisin. Muffled. You wake moments before the sun rises. Excitement kicks in. You rush, realizing you'll get to witness its glorious awakening. You wait. 


The sun cracks out of the earth. You can almost hear it. The light gently melts the darkness.


Inhaling its birth. Stretching out your limbs, elongating and expanding. Through your nostrils, to your chest, more and more. Devouring the crisp morning freshness, filling in your whole being. The laziness of the sleeping world slowly begins to shuffle and stretch out a yawn. Tree branches decorated with jewels; leaves glistening with the morning dew. Every blade of grass carrying a golden sphere. Exhaling all that beauty with a sigh. Like steam out of a kettle, your breath clouds up the air. Magically evaporating your sleep. Awakening, your senses, your mind, vibrating. Your cells; Alive, vibrant.


You witness time with the rising sun. Its warmth lovingly tickles your skin.  Showering you with its golden rays. Blushing in beauty, in awe. Satisfied fully with this moment. Lost in time. But in the moment. Beyond the mind. 

You know.

You are.



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Giving Space

October 28, 2018

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