A Few of The Benefits of Inversions

February 11, 2017

One of the main benefits of inversions is for the brain. When you get upside down, you send more blood flow to the brain that helps revitalize and energize it. Specifically, inversions that warm you up like handstands, headstands and forearm-stands.


Inversions can also help you relax and de-stress. When you invert in a shoulder-stand, legs up the wall or even just hang down, these types of inversions activate the parasympathetic nervous system and helps calm you down, relieving any stress.


Another benefit is core strength. Balancing in an inversion usually uses a lot of core engagement. You’re strengthening your core as you are improving your upper body strength. The more you advance in inversions and start experimenting with, for instance, getting into headstand with straight legs, even more core strength is developed.

When you start including inversions in your practice, you start becoming good friends with the floor. You don’t get into an inversion before falling quite a few times. Okay, many times actually. The benefit here is two-folds.

     First, you drop your fear. Most of the time, what stops us from getting into an inversion is our fear of falling. Once you learn how to fall well in order to protect your body, you don’t fear trying anymore.

     The second benefit is the confidence that you build as a result of letting go of your fear and experimenting with what your body can do.


Because in general inversions increase and improve blood circulation throughout the body, they benefit your immune system, your digestion, your bones, flexibility, posture and so many more areas. The most important thing is to trust yourself and to listen to and respect your body. Modify if you need to, take it easy and of course, have fun with them!


What’s your favorite inversion? Tell us in the comment section below :)


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