A Challenge: 30-days of Fulfilment

April 6, 2017

I recently took on a challenge: to read a verse from the Quran, to do 50 sit-ups, to write for 30 minutes and to meditate everyday for 30 days. Completing this challenge made me so proud, fulfilled and whole.


سورة الواقعة

I chose this verse specifically because I heard a Hadith that says "Whoever recites Surat El Wakea every night does not fall into poverty." I also heard a lot of stories about people that started to recite it and it brought abundance in their lives like the TV presenter Mahmoud Saad as well as my own brother who started to recite it and witnessed his life change dramatically in a positive way.


When I started to recite it, two significant things started to happen. First, I felt more appreciative, satisfied, and grateful for the amount of money I have. Second, I began to take smarter financial decisions that took me out of debts that I struggled a lot with. This part of the challenge was very easy to do. It didn't take more than 3 minutes to read it daily but the amount of abundance it attracted to my life was remarkable.


50 sit-ups

This was also easy to do and that encouraged me to do it no matter how tired or down I was. I chose 50 sit-ups because it was my first fitness challenge. I had been playing sports for a long time but I never completed a challenge before, so I decided to start with a simple, easy thing. It really changed my body and gave me more muscle definition.


30 minutes of writing

Writing was not as easy as I thought and I struggled to maintain this one but it definitely got me to understand how creative I am and what I can work on to boost my creativity further.



I can't describe how beneficial it was to meditate on a daily basis and the positive changes that happened to me. Like love, you have to experience it to know it. But I can tell you some of the changes that I noticed. The most significant thing meditation gave me is that it made me live in the present moment, enjoying and appreciating it as well as worry less about the future and not regret the past. Being in the present moment made me more relaxed and less stressed as my mind became focused on the now and not always pursuing a future goal, wasting the beauty and the preciousness of the now. I started meditating at night, before I go to sleep and it actually improved the quality of my sleep. I stopped over-thinking and over-analyzing everything and slept deeply and fully. Moreover, I transformed any waiting time on my hand, in the bank, airport or anywhere else into a relaxing time as I took that time to mediate as well. The best thing about meditation is that it doesn't require any equipment and it can be done whenever and wherever.

My 30-day challenge log

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