December 16, 2016




This is constant pendulum of emotions which take control of us as soon as we lose our sense of presence, our sense of Now. 


Our mind conjures past memories which bring up anger. That emotion sends triggers from the mind to the glands who then secrete different hormones and chemicals to the body causing physiological changes. 


Fear, yet another powerful emotion which the mind creates while imagining the future, strongly affecting the body. 

These thoughts, trigger emotions that tip our chemical balance and causes turbulence within the whole system. 


It is impossible to control our thoughts, and it is quite difficult to control our emotions. However we have an anchor to monitor our bodies, halting the disturbance before it turns into a tsunami and consumes us. 


That anchor is no magic and is nothing to go searching for. It is within us, and without it we are no more. It is the Breath. We are born into this world with the first inhale we take, and we transition onwards with our last exhale. 


Take a moment and notice your breath. From your nostrils filling your rising chest with cool air and exhaling the warmth back out with your falling chest. Just by doing that for a few times, your state changes, and you bring more balance to your system. 


The breath brings you back to the Present.

Pausing the pendulum. 

Enhancing your awareness. 


The breath can be used as an anchor to halt your emotions from taking you on a ride and can save you from drowning in your mind's drama. 

Try and notice when a thought kicks in, the emotion that follows; how your breath changes. The breath is the first of the noticeable physiological changes that take place in the body, heart-rate, blood pressure, muscles tense up....leading to stress or dis-ease (the opposite of your natural state, ease). 


By noticing your breath, you break the chain reaction. Instead of that usual wave taking over, you getting worked up about something that happened and stay "stuck" in that emotional state for hours, you get tense, and tired and all that, you get to hit the brakes. You pause, and observe your breath. Your reaction time will decrease. The more you master that, the more observant you become, the calmer you get. Not only to your body, emotional state, but to your surrounding and to savoring the present. 


Breathe :)


"Inhale the future.

Step into the present.

Exhale the past." -Excerpt from a Book I wrote "Flowting"


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