Our bindu mats are enviromental, sustainable products and they've just recevied an upgrade. Their new and improved quality and lighter weight makes them great for practices or exercises that make you sweat. Contrary to many popular mats that start out with a good grip then start to become slippery the second you get warm and start sweating, these mats do the opposite. They start out a bit dry (you can lightly spray them before you start practicing if you find them slippery) then their grip gets better and better as you keep practicing.

*Please note that this mat is not purple. It's dark grey and sometimes gives a shade of purple in certain lighting.

Zephyr Yoga Mat

  • Material:

    Microfiber suede surface + 100% natural tree rubber base

    Latex, silicone, PVC, chlorine and phthalates free

    Eco-friendly, biodegradable & recyclable


    Care Instructions:

    Handwash or machine wash separately with no bleach on gentle cycle in cold water

    Hang to dry - do not tumble dry




    Sweat activated grip
    Comes with a carry strap

    Suitable for studio or outdoor use