Our new and improved PU mat compliments our original bindu mat collection. Unlike the microfiber top layers, this has a PU top, a leather-feel to it and gives you an instant grip! With more cushioning, it comes in 5mm thickness with more space as well in its length and width. This new material is more eco-friendly, made with love for the environment.

Inspire PU Yoga Mat

  • Material:

    Natural rubber and eco-polyurethane

    Wet absorbent PU top layer, waterproof mid-layer, and high density, cushioned, anti-slip bottom layer


    Care Instructions:

    Avoid using oil or acid detergent to avoid etching or slipping

    Avoid too much sun exposure

    Wipe with soft wet towel (possibly with mild detergent), do not machine wash

    Fold the mat with PU side out to avoid fold marks



    Comes with a durable carry strap

    Anti-slip grip

    Suitable for studio or outdoor use