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The use of face massage rollers dates back to ancient times in China, where it has been known to be a healing tool for centuries. Self-apply a lymphatic drainage massage by using this two-sided facial massage roller for just 10 minutes. It will enhance the face's blood circulation and the chi; diminishes wrinkles and prevents double chin. Easy and quick, to integrate in your daily facial routine or as a pampering treatment once a week.

Jade Massage Roller

  • Jade: serenity and purity.
    Metal colour: golden yellow.
    Packaging: white cardboard box.
    Note: stone colour may naturally vary and can be different from the picture shown. Comes assorted in different lighter shades of green.

  • Gently rub your forehead, cheeks, eyebrows, jaw, lips and neck, with wide strokes towards the lymphatic drainage points. Use also the smaller end of the roller, to reach every part of your face, and under the eyes.

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