Yoga in a GIF-y: Parsvottanasana Arms

Parsvottonasana, Pyramid pose, can be broken down into 2 sections: what happens in the upper half of the body and what happens in the lower half.

The motion of the arms alone can feel impossible for some due to the deep internal rotation of the upper arms and, practiced on it’s own, is a great way to release tension in the shoulders and chest.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Reach your arms out to the sides until they’re parallel to the floor.

  2. Turn the upper arms in until your thumbs face the ground.

  3. Reach around behind your back and hold onto opposite elbows with opposite hands. Stay here until your arms feel at ease in this position.

  4. Once step 3 feels comfortable, release your elbows and bring your palms to touch. You can gradually walk your hands higher up the spine until they rest behind your heart.