Why do I practice Yoga?

Happy International Yoga Day, everyone! We’ve decided to take this opportunity to share with you some reasons behind why some of us here in Egypt's yoga community practice yoga! We turned it all into a video that you can watch above and we’ve highlighted some of the responses below :)

Haley Withers

It brings me back into this present moment by helping me connect with myself, with my breath; and spiritually I’m able to connect with something bigger than myself and for that, I’m so thankful.

Basma Alrashidi

Yoga has given me the balance between being strong and being soft, open and flexible. For me, it’s a way to remember and connect with my mother because she’s the first that introduced me to yoga

Ragia Momtaz

After giving birth, definitely every mama out there needs her time alone separate from everything and yoga has been my savior. All through my life, it’s been for different reasons but this moment it’s my me time that brings me peace, it gives me relaxation, definitely strength and sanity!

Amira Ayman

I started practicing yoga at a time when I was struggling with some physical and emotional pain. Since then it has been healing me and challenging me and teaching me a lot about myself.

Mariam Azmi

And it’s the union between your mind, your body and your inner soul, and this is the main reason I practice yoga. It’s my own time. It’s the time when I practice kindness, self- compassion and self-love.

Sarah Yassin

I believe that this practice really helps us wake up from the spiritual amnesia so we can remember who we truly are, which is joyful, and peaceful and loving. I love this practice!