The Best Yoga Mat

The search for the perfect mat can take a while so we’ve found something that might make the process quicker for you! First of all though, we’ll start by saying that you can practice yoga with or without a mat, anywhere, anyhow. You can practice on the ground, on a towel, a rug, really anything.

But then again, there’s something about having one’s own mat. Besides the fact that it’s hygienic and practical, it’s a place you keep going back to, a place of good energy, a place that feels like home.

The good people at did the homework for us. In a review published early November, they tested out and rated several yoga mats. “We spent one month talking to over a dozen yoga instructors and sweating, stretching, and savasana-ing it out in our offices, homes, and yoga studios to find the very best.”

Are you ready to find out their best pick? Drum roll please… Our Inspire mat! That’s right. We’ve always strived here to get you the best of the world’s yoga products and our latest addition to our mat family, the Inspire mat, took first place!

Our Inspire yoga mat is made from the exact same material as the Liforme Yoga Mat, which is their top pick as the best yoga mat. “Testers agreed it was by far the most grippy, thanks to its rubber base and matte polyurethane top. From light stretching to intense hot yoga, the Liforme's material offers superior grip in any situation.”

“We were impressed from the get-go by how easily the mat laid flat: While the Gaiam and Manduka mats had an annoying tendency to curl up at the ends (which we had to counteract by rolling in the reverse direction), the Liforme rolled out with a quietly satisfying plop and seemed firmly set in the ground, ready for action.”

“The smooth, matte, closed-cell top layer of the mat means that cleanup is fairly easy, too: Wipe down your mat after practice to get rid of any sweat or debris. We did note that sweat and water left noticeable marks on the mat’s surface, but these fade by themselves when wiped down and let to dry."

If you want to check out our Inspire mat, visit our store here. If you'd like to read the full review, please visit their website here.