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Susan Metwali

I qualified to teach Yoga over 25 years ago in the UK. My first training was in Iyengar Yoga and I was fortunate to have some lessons from this great man BKS Iyengar himself. Later I also gained certification in Karuna Yoga (Compassionate Yoga) and have continued my learning over the years from many wonderful Yoga teachers of different styles. I teach all ages from 8 to 80 and all abilities. Drawing on the principals of Ayurveda (Indian medicine and well-being) I can help yoga students to find the most appropriate practice that they will benefit from. I run Yoga Retreats in Nuweiba, South Sinai where I have my own studio, also in Italy and in the UK. In Nuweiba, you can come for a drop in class, a yoga or detox retreat as well as massage or well-being treatment. I am a Reiki master and offer training at the Yoga Studio Nuweiba. Yoga has been a passion for me throughout most of my life and there is nothing better for me than passing on the joy of this wonderful practice.


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