Servant, Service, to Serve

I was doing the dishes and day dreaming. I thought of a word, emotion and all of a sudden I felt a switch. Like a lightning bolt, I was so inspired to share my insight I literally dried my hands on my pants rushing to type.

Think of the word "servant". Take a moment and see what thoughts come up with it, what emotions, where in your body? Ask yourself why do I have these thoughts? Translate the word into whatever languages you know, see how you feel.

Now think of the word "service". Do the same. What thoughts come to you? Why?

To be of service, to serve, servant.

Like the act of having an intention, being of service or serving is also a very important key factor in all religions and spiritual practices. In Sanskrit the word is "seva", and in Arabic; خدمة (khedma).

Think of whatever task you are about to perform, then think of your intention before performing it. Now add on this lightening, expanding, humbling sensation of serving for a higher good, for no expectation in return, serving for the sake of serving.

Think of the words again "servant", "service" and "to serve". What comes to mind? How to you feel? Perspective changed :)?

I leave the rest to you.

Love and Light,


*Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment.