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Sally Rageh

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

Yogini Sally is a passionate yoga student, a certified yoga instructor, a little kid at heart and a grown up at mind. Yoga to her meant completeness and balance. It all started 8 years ago when she tried her first yoga session and she fell in love right away! It got addictive and she decided to take it a step further by spreading how useful yoga is to our wellbeing. She started to help out and adjust the poses of whoever was in need out of her humble practicing experience. Later, she took the 200hr TTC of Hatha Yoga (Yoga Deep International Certificate) (Yoga Alliance). And later completed her 500hr RYT from Rishikesh, the yoga Capital. And for the fun loving in her heart, she took an Air Yoga course afterwards and enjoyed so much teaching Yoga on a hammock! 

As a passionate person by nature, she followed her other big passion, after yoga, which is kids. Letting that inner child out, she decided to take a kids yoga course and has become a certified kids yoga instructor. Adding a few of her other passions such as colors, drawing, mandalas and music, she incorporated all these in her yoga journey while teaching her dear students. Ultimately, teaching kids will always be closest to her heart.

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