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Radwa Saad

Radwa is an official 200-hour internationally certified Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga teacher (certified in Rishikesh, India). She is based across Africa and has taught classes in Egypt, Ghana and Kenya till date. Radwa believes yoga is an important tool for maintaining physical and mental health, particularly considering the mental health crisis impacting the youth of this generation. She works to broaden access to yoga, strengthen existing yoga communities and explore ways to promote societal peace through grassroots mindfulness initiatives. Her commitment to promoting peace stems beyond yoga. She is also a security analyst and researcher, holding an MA in Peace and Security studies from King’s College London. Radwa's work in academia and policy-making serves to strengthen peace and security institutions at a societal level, while her efforts in yoga serves to promote inner peace at the individual level. She believes the quest for peace is multifaceted and therefore both sides of her career complement one another.


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