Practicing Gratitude

How are you?


This is the automatic reply that is most commonly used. Unfortunately, usually with the feeling of hopelessness or just "fine". What does this reply actually mean?

Al Hamd LeAllah. Hamd translates to thankfulness but it's a word that means much more than thankfulness, as that would mean Shukr. Hamd cannot be used with another being other than God. Try and test the word out. It is by far much greater than thankfulness. Maybe even more than gratefulness which translates to "imtinan".

Observe how these words affect your physical body, your emotions, your breathing even. Where do you sense them? What do you feel?

Throw a pebble of gratitude into your mind and watch the ripples go through your body. Take a minute every day when you wake up, before getting out of bed and just feel that gratitude, that Hamd. You can develop your own mindfulness morning gratitude affirmations. When showering, when eating, or when walking... While doing absolutely anything or nothing at all. Even at times when you genuinely do not feel a morsel of gratitude, conjure a memory. Your body won't know the difference. Fake it till you make it. It really works. The benefits of practicing gratitude are countless and evident. Create your own gratitude practices; daydream, or journal, share with friends or even create a gratitude jar or post its. Remember to keep practicing gratitude daily.

I feel grateful for having this opportunity to share this with you. I feel grateful for the wonderful batata smell coming out of my oven. I feel grateful for my bed. I feel grateful...