Overcoming Infertility with Yoga

Everyone loves a happy wedding, especially when it ends in the marriage of a happy couple. One little discussed topic associated with this, however, is what happens when that happy couple has to deal with infertility.

It's all very well facing the fact that that's fate, and it's not the couple's fault. But how do you actually deal with the immense range of, sometimes very strong, emotions this news brings? And, if it's one half of the couple that suffers from low fertility to infertility, how does the other half avoid feelings of resentment and being hard done by?

As with pretty much everything in life, Yoga comes to the rescue! Yoga's physical benefits are irrefutable.

  1. The first thing that can help is slowing down your personal practice, and avoiding over-strenuous postures or deep twists. We already live hectic, stressful lives, with that tension causing our muscles to clench. Stress doesn't just affect your heart and your ability to find peace – it also means less blood is circulating around the body. With womenfolk, this could mean there's less blood going to the abdomen, and less chance of getting pregnant.

  2. Yoga is also amazing for stimulating and strengthening the endocrine system that balances out the hormones. Even regular menstruation and/or other physical factors don't necessarily indicate your hormones are in balance, which is where Yoga's gentle, natural endocrine stimulation can really help. This can also be linked to eating more natural foods, and cutting out on one too many caffeine- and/or sugar-laden drinks!

  3. Most importantly, Yoga is terrific for the emotional space it gives you, taking you back to the root of your emotions and what's causing them to become unbalanced. It gives you the space to slow down and step back from everything around you, you can firstly balance out your emotions and prevent them running away with you.

This aspect is particularly helpful if you and your other half decide to go through with IVF, which can be a pretty awkward and invasive experience at the best of times. A 2015 report in Britain's The Telegraph newspaper (which you can find here) highlights just how useful, both physically and emotionally, Yoga can be for couples who are undergoing IVF.

Including pranayama, such as Anulom Vilom, alongside a slow practice can be a life saver, especially when your emotions feel like they're getting the better of you. Why? You're probably feeling overwhelmed and pretty upset. If it's your partner who's suffering from low to zero fertility, you're probably feeling upset about that too, and wondering what to do next.

Yoga more or less forces you to step back and consider the other side rationally, balancing out the strong emotions you're feeling and considering how your partner feels. You get to regularly assess how you feel, without necessarily having to let go (this is where "letting be" is helpful! You can read more about it here).

The best thing you can do for yourself at this troublesome time, is to also understand you are not alone. Combining a regular Yoga practice whilst also finding strength from your partner also helps you overcome your emotions and find balance when the situation starts feeling tough.