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Marwa Elsabban

Mother of three boys, life responsibilities disconnect me a lot from the present, I always found ease though to connect with my body with my mind and breath. Growing up, Taekwondo was a big part of my life, I was one of the rare females practicing in Qatar. Martial Arts taught me the focus I needed to perform where body movement becomes effortless and joyful to me. I fell in love with Yoga in 2010 so I focused only on practicing, until I decided I wanted to learn more, knowing deep down inside that Yoga wasn't just physical activities, so I took the 200HR TTC in July 2017 here in Egypt. It was perfect because I was able to keep things stable at home with my three children. I recently enrolled myself in contemporary dance courses to explore more with mind and body connection and how the breath affects it all. This is just another example of how I enjoy moving my body in different ways. I live in Sherouk, right beside Heliopolis Club where I teach now. Teaching at the Club taught me a lot, Yoga was new at the club, so I am the first one who teaches professionally. It feels like I'm my own boss:) where I have to decide on good timings for members, what will I teach? My main challenge was how I'm going to introduce Yoga to beginners, to people who has never done Yoga before. Also how I'm going to build my reputation, being the first one to introduce yoga at the club.I tried to reach to other Yoga teachers in Sherouk, but I think I'm the only one! Sometimes I wish I could meet other teachers to learn from others. I do learn a lot from my students too!

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