How to set the mood for your home practice

In the light of the latest events & the break we’re giving to Mother Earth, staying home can be challenging when you miss your usual yoga classes. But, luckily enough through the internet, there is so much you can do home with regards to your home practice, if you are given the right tools. I know how challenging it can it be to commit to practicing on your own, but believe me when I tell you, your personal self-practice is the most powerful practice. The best way to really deepen your practice is practicing alone. So here are a few tips to set the mood for your home practice:

  • Chase the sun

First & foremost always try to follow the sun shades in the house, it is most likely the place you find peace, stillness & where you find your source of positive energy.

  • Declutter

Getting rid of clutter cleanses your mind, reduces your stress and anxiety & helps you direct your focus on your flow without any visual distractions. So clear out the space for your yoga flow, to make room for your ZEN corner.

  • Find your Aroma

Whether you use essential oils in your practice or like to light up a candle or use a diffuser, the use of scent helps keep you grounded in your practice, keeping you in your element. So always make sure you don’t run out of your favorite oils.

  • Be creative with your Props

Use books to support your practice, or a scarf to replace your strap, pillows to replace the bolster in your yin practice and so on!

  • Find your Zen Corner

It doesn’t need to be fancy or straight out of Pinterest. It is all about the energy you put in the place you practice. Your energy spills out in the room you spend most time in, filling the atmosphere with your emotions, so by maintaining your daily dose of yoga in your sacred space you ensure spreading positivity & cleansing the overall energy in this space.

  • Treat it like a business meeting

I can’t stress this enough, you wouldn’t be late on submitting a report to your boss or responding to your emails, so do the same with your practice. Take baby steps to show up on the mat, start with 10 minutes then build up. But treat it like a commitment with yourself for YOU.

  • Last but not least, your playlist!

If you practice to music, then nothing sets the mood better than your soothing yoga playlist. Here is my top favorite tracks to put me in the mood to connect to my body.

  • Gayatri Mantra by Tina Malia

  • Om Mani Padme Hum by Wah!

  • Opening by Wah! (best Savasana ever!)

  • Shambhala Moon

  • Devi Prayer by Craig Pruess