Hiphop Yoga, here's what it actually is!

Yoga is the unity, or synchrony, of the mind soul and body. Hiphop yoga is this unity of above mentioned with a beat dropping playlist that is creatively set to the sequence allowing your body to be present and occupied with positivity and your head left in a state of trance. You shut down everything outside your mat and just move. The Asana practice of yoga is also known as a moving meditation and being attentive, present and mindful of your transitions and balances, allows your mind to meditate and synchronize with the body and soul creating the unity that is known as yoga.

I come from a hiphop dance background and when I stumbled on a yoga class before, I wasn't able to feel the connection. For me, it was with the help of a class I took called hiphop yoga that I felt the instant magic of yoga and couldn't get off the mat! It stimulates my muscles, my mind, my mood and everything in between. I happily and gracefully move from pose to pose regardless of severity. I can now practice in silence and feel the rhythm of my body and breath however, why not add music to spice it up a little?

Why is hiphop yoga beneficial?

  1. You're constantly moving all hour long to a creatively set sequence and playlist building up heat, strength and mindfulness as you flow from one pose to the other.

  2. Your body naturally moves and connects with music and you're left in a state of trance for the duration of the class.

  3. For those who need noise masking to stop their thoughts from wandering off, the music playlist is there to keep your mind present, at ease and in the here and now.

  4. You get the spiritual side, the meditation, the workout, the unwinding and the relaxing.. oh and the fun!

  5. There's nothing better than having a positive, light and fun attitude as you practice. And listening to a nostalgic familiar favorite song does just the trick!

  6. Moving in synchrony with the music and the rest of the class creates a rhythm that soothes your thoughts and your body making you more calm, attentive, aware and alert of external disruptions.

Asana Yoga is a full body workout that strengthens conditions and lengthens both deep and superficial muscles. It increases flexibility, both mind and body, and self-awareness while decreasing anxiety, rigidity and fidgeting thoughts.

Shireena is a yoga teacher and Medical Speech Pathologist based in Boston, MA. She is currently teaching hiphop yoga and vinyasa with BeFit this summer in the North Coast. Try it out if you're up for some yoga fun by the beach! Find Shireena's schedule here.