Why is it that we find change so scary? Why is it so unacceptable by our society? Have you ever traveled or had any sort of experience and when you got back to your family/friends, someone jokingly told you “*insert experience* changed you?” With an undertone of, oh you’re too good for us now that you’ve changed. Well, this happened to me. More times than I can count and I’m sure it’s happened to you too.

In the beginning, it was just funny and I laughed along. After a while, it got annoying and I got defensive. Later on, it just became petty and I began to feel not understood. Why wouldn’t an experience change me? Wouldn’t it be weird if it actually didn’t change me? How good/bad/small/big of an experience was it to leave absolutely no effect on me whatsoever? And more importantly, why am I being punished if I did change?

As annoyingly cheesy as this sounds but there’s really no better way to put it: “Change is the only constant.” - Heraclitus of Ephesus

What is growth? Aren’t we changing to grow? Are we expected to grow only physically but not grow and change mentally and emotionally? We go through life, through all sorts of experiences, the good and the bad, we feel, we are moved, we adapt, and we evolve. Just because society is scared, will you lose your courage to change and fight your very own nature to do so?

Speaking of, what is actually so scary about change? You might be the victim of people who are intolerant of change, but you may have done the same to someone else, even jokingly. Unfortunately, it’s natural. We look around, we see things, we perceive them, we understand them. Things around us start to feel safe, familiar and “right”. Any change to something we know, to something we’re familiar with, to something we love, is inevitably scary at least at first. It’s unsettling and it means that we need to adjust to it.

Change isn’t just the only constant, but it’s actually something that I believe you should actively strive for. You should be living life, experiencing things, working on self-reflection, understanding what kind of person you want to be and working towards becoming the best version of yourself. Change means work for the person who’s changing and those around them. But it’s the best kind of work because it means you’re evolving and you’re growing. Don’t let the general bad connotation to change stop you from feeling, moving, shaking, seeking, and ridding yourself of everything that isn’t truly you.