Actively disciplined

I went out on a walk in nature and was mind blown by the beauty all around. From the colors of the flowers to the greenness of the grass blades, to the bees that were busy collecting their nectar. I find it fascinating how Nature holds so much wisdom. It is there. Right there in front of us, if we just really listen. Over the past couple of months, I have done this weekly; sitting with Nature. Each time a new lesson learned.

This week's lesson, I was reminded of a very important element that we constantly need reminding of; discipline. DISCIPLINE. Practice, Practice, Practice. What would any lessons learned be without the discipline of acting upon the knowledge? The more you practice anything, the more it gets easier; brain connections form, muscle memory, automation. Hang on! Discipline, practice but NOT automation. Funny as it may sound, but that was what I learned from the very busy bee gathering nectar. It wasn't doing its job monotonously, nor automatically, but with great awareness.

This is one of our greatest challenges; to be actively disciplined. Being active in stillness, being active in practice, in discipline. Act on your knowledge. Walk your talk, practice what you preach... and the list goes on.

Practice on being actively disciplined and when that becomes automatic, restart again, go deeper, add more... It is a never ending challenge, till it ends :P

I wish you and myself luck with our active discipline, one morning at a time, one breath at a time.

Much love, Zeina