A Few of the Things Yogis & Mothers Should Have in Common

Ragia Momtaz practicing with her newborn

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others. We each have our own pace and it's good to follow it. There's right and wrong but there are a thousand lines in between and what works for you doesn’t necessarily work for someone else and vice versa. Wherever you are today is good enough. If you'll compare yourself to someone then compare yourself to you yesterday. Always work on improving and stay humble during the process.

  2. Practice and all is coming. We aren't born yogis and neither are we born mothers. Practice makes perfect, whether you're learning a new language, a new skill, a new pose or caring for a child. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep practicing and keep working on your goal. All in due time!

  3. Do it with love. Even food cooked with love tastes better. That's a fact! Frustrations are a normal part of the journey. When you're stuck, use help. In yoga, use a block or a belt; in motherhood, use your mother or another caregiver that you trust! Most importantly, do it with care and do it with love.

  4. Intention is key. It is. Why are you doing this? You must always have an intention behind your actions. Read this post here from more about intention and how incorporating it in anything we do has the potential to change our lives.

  5. Power through the difficulties. It's not meant to be easy. Any of it. Just make sure that you know when to power through and when to stop before hurting yourself or others. Baby steps and being prepared are the way to go.

  6. Look after yourself, take care of you. Keeping yourself a priority is important. Put your health first, your wellbeing, your strength and your balance. It will allow you to ease through the flow or motherhood in a safe and healthy way. Many mothers forget to take care of themselves and that shouldn't be the case. This is when you do yoga and maintain your health as well as your children's :)