A beginner’s guide to yoga (kind of!)

You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga, I promise you. This is just like saying I can’t swim so I won’t go to swim practice. You go to practice to be able to swim, no?

You do need to have an open and flexible mind to try new things and explore what your body can do

Do not ask how long you need to practice before you can do a headstand or any specific pose.

Do put in the work, give your body and your mind the time that only they know they need. Try not to focus on “getting there” and instead “be here” so you can “get there”. With that in mind, try not to expect anything in specific. Yoga has uncountable benefits and you’ll get the ones you work for. And a few others unexpectedly :)

No one knows which type of yoga is good for you. Really. It's not of much use to ask any teacher or studio which type you should do.

Try out as many classes as you can. I call it yoga scouting. You need to try and go to many different types of yoga classes. Ones you’ll love, ones you’ll be okay with, and ones you might even hate. That’s all okay. You might want to repeat a type or more to make sure how you feel about it and then maintain your practice with the type or two that you felt most comfortable with. Having said this, every now and then, stay open to the idea of trying something new, even if it’s a type you didn’t like before.

You shouldn’t arrive late to your first class. Or second or third or ever actually. It’s not just that it’s disrespectful and disruptive, it’s not good for you because you miss out on important foundations.

You should arrive early because the teacher will probably want to know your background in yoga and if you have any injuries to make sure you only benefit from the class. You’ll also get to start from the beginning where it’s usually the warm up and the foundations for poses that you’ll keep coming back to a lot.

Finally, don’t wait for the beginning of the week, or month, or year to try out yoga. Don’t wait for that friend. Don’t wait for another guy because you’re afraid you might be the only one. Don't make excuses to try it later.

Just try it out. Go to any class. Have a little faith, put some comfortable clothes on and head to the nearest studio next to where you live or work! We say practice and all is coming and believe me, all is coming indeed. Just practice :)