The Hidden Healthy: Peas & Carrots!

It’s been a very busy week for us, and thinking of creative recipes for my toddler has been impossible. With the time crunch, I found a way to transform our adult food into something she would consider eating. Tonight’s dinner is frozen peas and carrots that can be eaten with rice or pasta, depending on what your kid’s favorite starch is this week. I’ll explain what I mean below.

Peas & Carrots!

The only three ingredients you need. Frozen peas & carrots maintain many of their original nutrients contrary to popular belief.

Cut “x’s on the tops and bottoms of the tomatoes and place in boiling water.

Chop up onions or place in a blender for ease.

Add in the peas & carrots and tomato mixture and simmer over low to medium heat. Blend the mixture and/or add cream for a smoother texture.


  • Frozen peas & carrots

  • 2 tomatoes

  • 1 medium onion


Step 1: Peel the tomatoes by making an “x” on the top and bottom of each tomato (not too deep, just a quick slit of the knife), and place in boiling water. You’ll find that the tomatoes peel very easily this way.

Step 2: Chop up some onions – or put them in the blender for ease.

Step 3: Roughly chop the tomatoes or blend them separately.

Step 4: Sautee the onions until slightly golden brown, and then add the chopped tomatoes to the pot.

Optional: for more depth of flavor you can add a tablespoon of tomato paste. If you’d like to keep the dish 100% natural you can omit this step and it will taste just as good.

Step 5: Add in the bag of peas and carrots and cover with water. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Step 6: Cover the pot and cook on low to medium heat until the peas and carrots are soft.

This works great for an adult meal that we all know. However, getting a toddler to eat peas and carrots is tricky. What I like to do is blend the combination and mix it with rice and voila. It turns into what seems like a thick sauce and it won’t bother the kids. If you’re little one is into pasta these days and will only eat macaroni, you can blend the combination and add a little bit of cooking cream to give it a creamier texture. Add that over a bowl of pasta, and you’ve stealthily added healthy ingredients.